Wireless Networks

Next-Generation, Managed Wireless for Modern SMEs

The changing demands of wireless network

The demands of the modern network have changed dramatically in the last few years. Offices that use to be dominated by wired PCs have been steadily transformed into hybrid environments where a user’s wireless smart phone is as important to their work as their desktop.  This has resulted in an explosion in the number of wireless devices that businesses need to support in their networks. And this change has in many cases, not been planned and has put a huge amount of pressure on wireless network solutions that were designed for an era that has now passed. 100-user networks used to be designed to serve a handful of laptops alongside the desktop PC fleet. Now the same network is required to support one or more device per user.

The balance of power between the network management team and the network users has also dramatically with network users now demanding 100% reliable wired and wireless network performance to get their work done, with very little tolerance of downtime or even reduced speeds.

Traditional solutions can no longer deliver

Many SMEs have struggled to deal with these pressures in a networking market dominated by SOHO equipment principally designed for home users unable to deliver the technology required, and large enterprise solutions that prove far too expensive and complex for an SME to afford or manage. Wh ile some players in the SOHO space have tried to “innovate up” into the enterprise space, many of these are based on weak underlying technology and have failed to deliver the performance, reliability and scalability that modern SMEs require.

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A fresh, smart solution

Cerberus partners with Aerohive Networks specifically to address the demands of SMEs, to deliver a wireless solution that is affordable and manageable for a typical SME, and yet has industry-leading technology to deliver a wireless network that users will be able to rely on day-in day-out without the drop-outs, slow speeds and management overheads that are so prevalent in traditional wireless network solutions today.

Aerohive’s “managed controller-less” architecture allows you to gain all the features of an enterprise-grade wireless solution starting with just a single AP. If you scale up to provide more widespread coverage, or support for support of more dense usage in certain areas, you just add APs where and when you need to without needing to think about any controller support, or licensing.

For SMEs looking to comprehensively address the demands of their users for wireless networking, Aerohive is the perfect choice, allowing the business to benefit from the advanced performance and features they require but at an affordable price, and without compromising future scalability.

An innovative design with robust performance at its core

Aerohive wireless solutions provide and architecture and key features that put them ahead of other vendors for both affordability and performance. By eliminating the controller from the design, you can plan and deploy your network exactly when and where you need to, dramatically reducing the cost versus a controller-based solution and providing much greater flexibility with a true pay-as-you-grow model.

While the HiveManager Online service provides you a central point of control and monitoring for all your access points, regardless of location, unlike other vendors, the operation of the access points is not dependent on connectivity to the cloud management service, so if you lose Internet connectivity, the network continues to operate normally with all failover, self-healing and mobility features completely intact.

Aerohive access points complement the existing wired network with a simple deployment and management architecture, configured via the HiveManager cloud service but able to operate offline from the Internet with no downtime or disruption.

Simplified Design and Management

  • Fully managed network without investing in or supporting a wireless LAN controller
  • Complete suite of management and reporting tools available via a cloud management platform
  • Easy scalability from 1 access point to 100s without a re-design or feature licenses to buy
  • Simple pricing model  - just buy the access points to provide the network coverage you need along with a low per-AP management and support contract
  • Single control panel for management of all access points regardless of location
  • Access control and traffic management implemented at the network edge to best enforce network security and utilisation policies

Industry-Leading Features

  • Aerohive access points connect to the wired network directly but are also constantly communication with each other to facilitate failover, re-routing and layer-2 and layer-3 mobility
  • Scalable, Resilient Wireless Mesh
  • Self-organising - True “plug-and-play” upgrades to the network with automatic self-configuration of new access points added to the network based on the configuration of existing neighbouring access points
  • Self-remediating - Automatic failover of client connection from one access point to another in case of AP hardware failure
  • Self-healing - Automatic re-routing of traffic via neighbouring access points if the wired path to the network is disconnected
  • Innovative features to maximise throughput of fast network users, even when slow users are on the same network
  • Wireless “Health” monitoring and reporting to identify problem devices and connections
  • Making it happen. Desktop to Deployment.
  • Cerberus can help you with all stages of your wireless implementation to ensure you get the solution tailored to your requirements in terms of coverage, speed, cost and resilience.

Delivering the right solution, first time

Cerberus takes a proactive smart approach to delivering wireless solutions to ensure that you get the solution you need, first time and at the right cost.

Step 1: Desktop Site Survey

Cerberus uses this innovative tool to take floor plans of your office, with simple information about the construction of the building, and model the deployment of wireless network using our interactive modelling tool. This gives a great first-pass survey to give the client a good indicator of the number and type of access points required and their location.


Step 2: Physical Site Survey

For many sites smaller deployments, the Desktop Site Survey will be sufficient to provide the specification of the wireless solution. However, for larger or more complex sites, a physical site survey provides an extra level of accuracy in specifying the wireless network. This can take account of building materials that were not accurately identified, sources of noise and interference on site, neighbouring wireless networks and specific client requirements for additional coverage or density of users.


Step 3: Specification and Planning

Once the survey process is completed Cerberus will provide a specification of the equipment and services required, including and Power-over-Ethernet switching infrastructure, management, monitoring and maintenance services.  This includes complete reports on the wireless signal modelling and a deployment and configuration plan.


Step 4: Deployment and Configuration

Cerberus provide installation services for the wireless network, including any additional Ethernet cabling required for power and backhaul. We then configure the network to deliver the access control, traffic management and other features that you require.


Step 5: Handover, Training and Support

Once fully deployed, Cerberus provide handover documentation specifying the wireless network performance characteristics. We also provide onsite or remote training to ensure you have the skills and knowledge you need to make the most of the management tools you have available. Lastly, Cerberus can provide 24x7 monitoring and technical support of the solution.


To discuss your requirements and for further information, please contact our sales team on 0345 257 1333 or via email at

Technology Solutions

Managed IT graphic

With many years of experience designing, building and supporting a wide variety of business technology solutions, Cerberus is an excellent partner for delivering new or upgraded IT and communications systems.

Our focus is on listening to the client to understand their needs, then bringing together the best technology with an innovative and flexible approach to solve the problem. We draw on a set of relationships with exceptional partners to deliver high-quality, reliable and scalable solutions but always with an eye on the bottom line. We want to see the client gain the best possible return on investment and will work hard with them to find the best solution both in terms of capability and cost.

By combining traditional on-premise systems with our Cloud and Connectivity services we can also help the client control management overheads and ensure that whatever the solution, prompt and effective support is on hand to make sure it is operating at its best.


Cerberus is an experienced provider of computing solutions for our clients. We offer a portfolio of solutions broad enough to suit the growing business and established enterprise alike. Our solutions are backed up by a suite of proactive services that keep your systems operating at their best. Our approach delivers a productive and reliable IT systems platform that enables your organisation to excel.

We are proud to partner with HP and Microsoft to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to real-world business needs. We back our solutions with installation and support services provided by our highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, available 24x7 to ensure you get the assistance you need, when you need it. Our computing solutions include the following common requirements:

  • Desktops/Laptops
  • Multi-role workgroup servers
  • File storage and backup
  • Messaging and collaboration
  • Database applications
  • Peripherals

We pride ourselves on delivering properly specfied and robust solutions, but we understand that you need to get the right balance of cost performance as well. We work with you to find the right solution that will deliver the peformance you need at a price you can afford.

Virtualisation Solutions

Lower capex and running costs, dramatically improve reliability and business continuity

Virtualisation dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organisation. Internal resources are underutilized under the old "one server, one application" model and IT administrators spend too much time managing servers rather than innovating.

Virtualisation lowers costs and redefines the computing environment by freeing computers from their physical hardware.

By deploying a virtualised computing infrastructure, your organisation can gain the following "game-changing" benefits

  • Reduced hardware capex, maintenance and running costs
  • High-availability resilient computing
  • Simple, flexible and robust disaster recovery
  • More effective desktop management with virtual desktop solutions

Cerberus Networks partners with VMware, the industry leader in the virtualisation space to deliver end-to-end virtual infrastucture solutions. VMware is the only vendor in the market with a platform that is proven by years of field deployment by most of the world's leading companies. It also has the most mature set of tools within its own portfolio as well as a very well established ecosystem of partner organisations providing tools from discovery and planning to backup and disaster recovery automation.


Local Area Networks

Network infrastructure is the heart of your information and communications systems. Cerberus Networks delivers comprehensive, end-to-end infrastructure solutions based on market-leading technologies. We provide everything that you need to build your data network including:

  • Structured cabling
  • Switches and routers
  • Intergrated wireless connectivity
  • Power protection and management
  • Enclosures

For information systems to deliver robust and reliable security, security must be an inherent component of the network infrastructure. We build solutions that seamlessly mesh switching, routing, firewalling and access control into one coherent solution. Using high quality components and systems, our network solutions provide a powerful, reliable platform for an ever-increasing set of network applications from web and email to file serving, ERP and Voice-over-IP.

Wide Area Networks

100% Connected

Wide area networks (WANs) and VPN technology are allowing to organisations break free of traditional geographical limits on how and where they do business. At Cerberus Networks we believe that modern WAN and remote access technologies will be one of the most important changes in the way that companies work in the future.

We provide solutions for bringing together voice and data communications and applications across your organisation including:

  • regional and international branch offices
  • the home and mobile workforce
  • secure collaboration with partners

Effective Branch Offices

When setting up or maintaining up branch offices for your business, you want to give your users the best resources but at the same time, reduce the management overhead and risks that come from having workers away from the company HQ.

Cerberus Networks can advise and specify solutions that allow you to quickly and effectively deploy services to users at branch offices including:

  • network connectivity
  • voice communications
  • security and management
  • WAN optimisation
  • distributed file and backup solutions
  • inter-site messaging and collaboration systems We deliver well-planned and optimised infrastructure, central management, security and productivity for your branch offices so that they can deliver the best results for your organisation.

Work where, when and how you need to

Remote access technologies are a proven, cost-effective way to boost the efectiveness of your organisation. By taking a proactive approach to providing these systems to staff, your organisation can boost productivity and flexibility as well as staff loyalty and retention.

Cerberus Networks delivers secure, flexible and tailored remote and mobile working solutions for business which are easy to deploy and manage. We can deliver ongoing support for both your systems administration team and to your end users to quickly and effectively troubleshoot any issues and ensure your staff get the best user experience.

By tying in telephony to your remote network connectivity you can offer your users a true "virtual office" experience with immediate and seamless access to all their files, applications and communications tools.

Telephony and VoIP

In touch where and when you need to be

Organisations rely on their voice communications so companies have been reluctant to take any big chances on their PBX, preferring reliability over innovation - and who can blame them. However, now a new breed of telephone systems and communication servers, coupled with advances in Internet servies have allowed organisations to break free of the traditional constraints of office telephony.

Now, where your data network goes, your telephone network goes - even if that is a cafe next to a client's office or your hotel room on a business trip.

Converged communications... This is a phrase that has long been more hype than substance. Well, at last it actually means something now.

It means that today, you can

  • dramatically reduce costs of telephony infrastructure
  • get big productivity gains and enable new more effective ways of working together
  • raise morale and loyalty among staff

Cerberus Networks can bring these benefits to your company right now.

Our telephony solutions buld on the best-of-breed technologies from the established market leaders. By delivering powerful, flexible communications solutions, we can improve the way you do business in a way your users will really appreciate.

You can send us any enquiries via this form, request a call back or contact us on 0845 257 1333.
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