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In order to realise the full benefits of Cloud services and Voice over IP it is essential to choose the right connectivity for your organisation. With a wide range of different technologies available, it can be hard to make sense of the varying service level guarantees and bandwidth limitations that each offers.

Cerberus Networks has led the way in providing cost-effective private, managed wide area networks that allow businesses to re-think how they work. Our ‘ground up’ approach eliminates many of the barriers of location that can prevent a more flexible and rational approach to situating and managing essential business services.

This is why Cerberus has designed the Cloud Connect suite of products as a core part of our MyCloud concept.

Cloud Connect means that your connectivity reaches your hosted services, SIP platform and your private network first - over private managed connections – without ever touching the public Internet. By eliminating many of the moving parts between you and your services, Cloud Connect boosts reliability and hugely simplifies network design, resulting in dramatically reduced latency and streamlined security management.

Read our case study on how Cerberus successfully helped top 100 digital agency Hugo & Cat implement a Unified Communications platform with Lync 2013 and Office 365.

Superior performance for sensitive applications

Cloud Connect is available on the following connectivity services:

Our experienced consultants will advise on the best technology for your requirements based on your bandwidth needs and your budget. Different services offer different service level guarantees meaning that we will always be able to provide the best fit connectivity at any given location.

Cloud Connect Services

Cloud Connect takes you to your services via the most direct route

Organisations can often find themselves with their Cloud and VoIP services hosted by one provider while another connects them to the Internet. This introduces many routing ‘hops’ as the traffic goes from you, to your Internet provider, and then over the Internet via a number of intermediaries, to your services. This introduces delay and can cause a reduction of service levels and a lack of accountability from providers should any issues occur.

By avoiding Internet transit, we eliminate the majority of ‘hops’ between you and your hosted services. This reduces latency and ensures consistent delivery of traffic at the rates required to run services effectively and reliably.

When it comes to applications like VoIP and video streaming this fast, reliable delivery of traffic is essential. We deliver your public voice traffic direct to our outbound SIP provider over dedicated resilient interconnects with the lowest possible latency meaning you get reliable calls with crystal clear quality at all times.

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