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Broadband Bandwidth Monitoring & Alerting Service

Cerberus NetSTATS Architecture Today broadband performance and availability is vital for the communications and productivity of virtually every Internet-enabled organisation. Building on our leading suite of broadband services, Cerberus NetSTATS delivers simple and effective monitoring and alerting of these services to give accurate reporting on bandwidth utilisation and also to immediately alert you if the service becomes unavailable for any reason.

24X7 Monitoring

By gathering data from your router or firewall equipment on a regular basis every hour of every day, NetSTATS monitors service availability and builds up a profile of utilisation on your broadband service, both for upstream and downstream traffic.

Using industry standard Ping and SNMP protocols for monitoring, NetSTATS is compatible with virtually all network equipment on the market.

Reports on Demand or on Schedule

The NetSTATS service allows you to view the bandwidth utilisation reports in one of 2 ways:

  • On-demand access to customised reports on your connections via the NetSTATS web GUI allows you to see utilisation across any time period on any of your connections whenever you need.
  • Scheduled reports via email allow for monthly, weekly or even daily bandwidth reports to be generated and sent to you at the end of each reporting period. These can be quickly reviewed to spot trends or issues that may need investigation, or just to assure you that the capacity of your connectivity is sufficient for your needs.


If the router or firewall being monitored becomes unavailable the NetSTATS service will automatically send an alert to you via email to notify you of the outage and a notification when contact is resumed. This allows you to respond quickly to any equipment or service failures.

On services with fully-managed routers, these alerts are routed to our support team and trigger response to any outage that may be affecting the service or the router.

Downtime alerts minimise overall downtime due to faults by allowing much faster response to problems and making troubleshooting more effective.

Integrated Provisioning with Cerberus ADSL2+

Cerberus provides integrated provisioning of NetSTATS on all Cerberus Business ADSL2+ services provisioned with a managed or leased router. Once your service is live it is ready for provisioning on Cerberus NetSTATS. All you have to do is respond to the provisioning email you receive and the rest is handled automatically.

Even if you are using your own router or firewall that you wish to be monitored on a qualifying broadband service, the process is very simple. All you need to do is provide us with the IP and SNMP community of the device you want monitored when you respond to the NetSTATS provisioning email and we do the rest.

You can specify the frequency of scheduled reports you wish to receive (monthly, weekly and daily options) and whether you wish to receive downtime alerts for the device being monitored.

Service Availability

Cerberus NetSTATS is currently available included at no extra charge on new and existing services as follows:

  • Cloud Connect Ethernet Services
  • Cloud Connect ADSL Services
  • Cerberus X2/X4 Bonded ADSL2+
  • Cerberus ADSL2+ Business single IP – NAT Router
  • Cerberus ADSL2+ Business 4, 8 & 16 IPs - Bridged Router**
  • Cerberus ADSL Max Business single IP – NAT Router
  • Cerberus ADSL Max Business 4, 8 & 16 IPs - Bridged Router**
  • Cerberus Connect ADSL2+ Business single IP – NAT Router
  • Cerberus Connect ADSL2+ Business 4, 8 & 16 IPs - Bridged Router**
  • Cerberus LLU Bonded ADSL2+
  • Cerberus LLU ADSL2+ Business single IP – NAT Router
  • Cerberus LLU ADSL2+ Business single IP – Bridged Router*
  • Cerberus LLU ADSL2+ Business 4, 8 & 16 IPs - Bridged Router**

*   Self-config only on device behind ADSL2+ router
** Integrated config on router by default (router uses 1 IP for management). Self-config on device behind ADSL2+ router upon request

If you already have a qualifying service and have not received your NetSTATS provisioning email or have any queries regarding provisioning the service, please contact our Operations Team.

To discuss your requirements for new services and for further information on the NetSTATS service, please call our sales team on 0345 257 1333 or email our sales team.

You can send us any enquiries via this form, request a call back or contact us on 0845 257 1333.
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