Cerberus EFM

Business Ethernet First Mile Connectivity

EFM Leased Lines (Ethernet in the First Mile) provides high speed, reliable internet connectivity for businesses who have outgrown traditional broadband, but where fibre-based Ethernet services are still too expensive.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) delivers flexible data connectivity over a choice of 2 copper pairs (up to 10Mbps) or 4 pairs (up to 20Mbps), with a minimum symmetrical speed guarantee of 2Mbps. It's an ideal replacement for legacy technologies, some of which are being retired or more expensive leased line services.

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Key Features

Flexible Options
Cerberus EFM services provide up to 10Mbps connectivity over 2 copper pairs or 20Mbps on 4 copper pairs; depending on the distance from the exchange.
Guaranteed bandwidth
All Cerberus EFM services have a minimum bandwidth guarantee of 2Mbps – up and downstream.
Consistent Performance
100% dedicated and uncontended bandwidth, with symmetrical up and downstream speeds and unlimited usage 24x7.
Resilient Connectivity
In the unlikely event of a problem, should one pair fail, service continues the other pair(s) automatically.
Nationwide Availability
Almost 1900 exchanges across the UK are currently capable of delivering EFM services with more exchanges planned.

Voice Mode - VoIP Optimised EFM

Cerberus EFM services provide reliable connectivity to your hosted communications services without any changes however, there are additional steps that can be taken to further optimise the connectivity for VoIP.

With free optional Voice Mode, you can be assured that traffic is routed as efficiently as possible to your VoIP platform, providing consistently high call quality and service availability. In Voice Mode, the line is protected against SIP fraud – only allowing traffic to route between the user and the VoIP provider.

EFM ensures very high levels of reliability and means expensive legacy ISDN30 lines to be replaced whilst maintaining service levels.

  • Consistently low latency and jitter  – delivering traffic directly to your hosted communications services
  • Additional traffic management and QoS profiles to guarantee traffic as required

Why Cerberus EFM?

Cerberus Networks was founded on the principles of mutual trust and excellence in customer service. We support our customers at every turn, from signing up with us to ongoing service.

If you need to resolve a technical issue with the service or if you wish to take advantage of expert configuration assistance you can contact our 24/7 helpdesk for telephone and email support. You can also use our online support portal to raise and track your issue.

Cerberus customers also benefit from having a dedicated account management and regular service reviews.

To discuss your requirements and for further information, please use the LiveChat link on the right of this page. Otherwise, contact our sales team on 0845 257 1333 or via email at sales@cerberusnetworks.co.uk.

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