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Up to 8Mbps Cerberus ADSL Max

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Up to 8Mbps Cerberus ADSL Max - Reliable Connectivity with Universal Coverage

Using tried and tested ADSL technology and almost universal coverage, ADSL MAX is a great choice for high-speed, cost effective Internet access.

ADSL Max has the benefit of being available in nearly all parts of the UK and is suitable for bonding to achieve higher available bandwidth and resilience. See our X2 and X4 bonded products here.

Check ADSL availability for your phone line using the simple form below.

Cerberus ADSL MAX features:

  • Up to 75GB monthly usage
  • Up to 8Mbps downstream line rate
  • Up to 832Kbps upstream line rate
  • Instant access to e-mail and web-browsing
  • Runs on standard phone line that can be used for voice calls at the same time

As a primary line or a backup to another service, Cerberus ADSL MAX provides cost-effective Internet access for individuals or business.


Cerberus ADSL Max Business

  • Up to 8Mbps download
  • Up to 832Kbps upload
  • 1 Static IP included
  • Optional 4 or 8 IPs
  • 100GB data transfer
  • NetSTATS Monitoring

Cerberus ADSL Max Standard

  • Up to 8Mbps download
  • Up to 832Kbps upload
  • Dynamic IP
  • Optional 1, 4 or 8 IPs
  • 50GB data transfer

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